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Policies & Procedures

Coming For Your Appointment

We value your time, and we will always try to run on schedule. If we are running more than 15 minutes behind, we will contact you based on your preferred method of contact. Please note the time required to complete forms prior to seeing the medical provider.

Appointment Type Arrival Time
New Patient 20 Minutes Prior
Annual Physical 15 Minutes Prior
Follow-Up Visit 10 Minutes Prior
Same Day Sick Visit 5 Minutes Prior

We cannot accommodate anyone more than 7 minutes late to their scheduled office appointment. If you arrive more than 7 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to re-schedule. A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be applied for those who arrive more than 7 minutes late without a phone call. Two lateness’s without a call and you could be discharged from the practice.

No Shows

Over 15% of patients No-Show for their appointment without a call. We consider a No-Show as not calling 24 hours prior to a scheduled office visit to cancel. When a patient doesn’t show for their appointment, we are unable to accommodate an ill patient. No-Shows are unfair to all patients and physicians. Therefor, a $50.00 fee will be applied to anyone who No-Shows for their appointment. Two No-Shows without a call will result in a discharge from the practice. We require 24 hours notice for any appointment cancellation.

Prescription Refills

Refills should be requested during your regular office visits. We require 48 hours notice for a prescription refill. We ask that you please contact your pharmacy for a refill request. If you cannot contact your pharmacy, you should request a refill through the patient portal (which is monitored daily). If you do not have access to the patient portal, any staff member will be able to help show you how to use the portal. You must have a future scheduled appointment on the calendar for a refill to be completed. No Exceptions. The refill will be completed within 48 business hours of request.

Referrals Through Your Insurance Company

Referrals are required by certain insurance companies. It is your responsibility to know if your insurance requires referrals. We require 48 hours notice to complete a patient referral. ALL insurance companies allow us to backdate a referral up to 48 hours, so there is never a time when a referral must be completed before that time. If your specialist requires the referral before you are seen, please have them contact our office and request to speak with our referral coordinator.
Here is what is needed for us to complete your referral:
Physician Name & NPI Number
Office Location
Phone Number
Fax Number
Illness/Injury/Reason for the Visit

Trips to the Emergency Room & Hospital

Our office is available 24/7 (Yes, really!) Our physician is always on call and has access to your health records at all times (as do you, through the patient portal). Our practice works closely with Centrastate Medical Center, and we are notified if any of our patients go there. This works to your advantage, as we have all of your records, and can ensure that you receive the best care. However, there are many hospitals in our area, and we do not have access to them all, so we ask that if you go to the Emergency Room or are hospitalized for any reason you call our office immediately upon discharge. You will likely hear from our Nurse Care Manager who will coordinate your care, and keep you on your track to wellness.